Highway Star

Highway Star
Monotony is the essence of this activity. Day in, day out. Ordinary in his purest shape
I am the Highway Star. I spool down miles and miles like others zap through TV . Forward and forward and forward.
Is there any sense in this activity? Born to drive, ecstasy of concrete in my blood.
Adrenalin will substitute through the lady of acceleration. Gear change build up the highlight of the day.
Grumm! Grumm! Grumm!
I am the king of the highway. I set the rules.
The usual driver is a fool. Speeder and crawler. Freedom for furys.
Who does not know the ignorance of this dense user, which obstruct the roads. I am very detuned. No feeling for the advantages. In the morning on my highway.
Who doesn’t know this essential frustration about this ignorant users of the holy motorway. They haven´t feeling of the modern adventures, after dawn on motorway number three.
Commuter and traveler, stressed, no sence about the sound of engine. No cowboys of modern age, only user of an unknown strength.
Airbag system and economical.
Where are the real man?
Equality of sex, this aspirants of gay make dry and wind children. Are we such decadent?

Typical of woman. A little bit more slow and she stop, but want to keep the middle of the road. Give a treat right, that trucks can overtake.
I speed over.
What is with this Opel on the passing line? Without power always left. He can´t take hundredthirty miles. Give him the flasher andshow him my finger. For sure, that´s a communist.
Don´t he know it´s a rule to drive on the right side? Fucking crawler.
A Porsche at my back. What a dream!
I stay on the left side. I am fast enough. Beautiful front.
Now a break in the traffic. I move to the middle lane, cause I want to see the Porsche from the back. Nice.
The traffic is enormously, that´s fun.
Left, right, I overtake. Wherever, whenever.
I don´t mark the signs. I am too fast.
My eyesight decrease with the years. But I mark the important things miles before. Flasher for example. Or the cars with green and white colour. I have to set priority.

The monkey in the rear view mirror becomes to be my enemy. Continually in my back. If I change to the left side, he slows down. Can´t he or won´t he overtake? I have enough.
Leave the street and stop at the service station. Drink a coffee and eat something. Only for a short break. Then I start again.
The drunkeness of speed.
Today all drivers are crazily. But I am better. I am the god of acceleration.
I make my own rules. And I am right. The official rules are for the foolish rest.
For all without me.
The variety of cars is fascinating. All colours, all styles, all designs. New ones and old ones.
What is this? The car in the back is well known by me. I see it several times.
Now again. Also before my break
A blue Vectra.
I think, he want to make a race against me. And this in the biggest traffic. Oh, I love it.
A challange for my talent.
I drive and overtake. Left, right, left. Brake, accelerate, shift the gears, my blood becomes boiling.
Enemies everywhere. They flash, honk or show me the finger.
But I overtake them all. I am the fast and the furious. My reaction time becomes zero.
The six cylinder sounds. 210 hp wake up and will be unshackled by the master behind the sterring wheel.
The Vectra is still in my back.
I ring on the next round.
At the last moment I change the motorway to the next one. My competitor follows. That´s fine.
The traffic increase. My tension so. And my horror too.
In the rear view mirror I see something on the top of the car..
My competitor is a cop in civilian, with a powerful engine.
Now it´s too late.
I don´t know any compunctions. Only one will be the best. He or I.
I will show this softened cops who will be the winner.
The fight begin. The decision is near. I become hot.

I turn of the engine. My car jumps before like a jaguar. Away!
The grandma in the Fiesta I hit aside.
She was in my route. Bad fortune.
She have to take the rules. Stay never in the wrong moment at the wrong place.
I hit the mercedes in the guard rail. That makes chaos, that makes time for me.
Road accident.
The Vectra has just passed through. The Fight becomes better than expect.
He pull back from. Kiss my bumper. He has take on my rules.
Now he comes beside. We touch. Once, twice, thrice. I can´t impress him. Again we touch.
When I dodge the next car, he hit me to the left side. I try to strike back. But I can´t.
Suddenly I see the truck. Directly before me.
He becomes bigger and bigger. Great.
He fill up my complete view..
Then the crash.
The lights goes out..

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