In another country


Sunbeams broke through closed shutters.
She woke up softly, heard birds singing outside, smelled coffee from somewhere. Her bed was warm and sheltering, only the air felt fresh even though it were the last days of summer. Her mother had told her of the rain back home and the terrible thunderstorm... but here the weather was different.
There had always been a burning desire for travelling inside of her, but it was the first time in twenty-four years that she had left her home-country.
Enjoying the thoughts of it, she remembered all the beautiful and strange places she had seen since she came here. For one week she had stayed in busy and hectic London, but now she knew it was the countryside attracting her more. Both places were different from home. London had nothing of the small-town-idyllic style and the countryside seemed to have a deeper colour than the boring landscape back home.
The first thing she had done after arriving three days ago, had been to wander the heath and feeling herself caressed by the warm but fresh smelling wind of Yorkshire. Her eyes had caught one glimpse across the far and eternal space around her and she had loved it from the deepest of her heart.
Sobbingly she decided to get out of bed and letting the sunshine inside her room.
The sky was blue. Closing her eyes and leaning her arms onto the windowsill she took a deep breath of air which seemed to fill her with a new feeling of strength. She had missed strength for so long... Just a few little cloud made their way across the sky-ocean.
Suddenly her mind seemed like the sky.. the were some clouds she had tried to ignore, tried not to remember..
Keeping her eyes shut she imagined all the thing which she had planed to see during the days to come. There were two weeks more in which she could be relaxing and would not have to think about something else than the present. She imagined where she could travel next, maybe the south of England, maybe Wales, maybe... It did not work.
She felt the sunlight fade a little and a cold wind made her shiver. Tears began to burn in her eyes.
Outside is had began to rain. Trying hard not to think about the future, or something else than here and now, she tried to struggle her own feelings and did not even recognize how the sky slowly turned grey and the birds had stopped singing.
Like a flash there came the memory of her little sister – the kidnapping - the murder.
“You can’t escape the past”, she whispered, “no matter how far you run.” A lightning filled the sky.

Oben Unten