In June


She had that boyfriend. For 3 months already. He had loved her for the past two years and now they really seemed to be happy together. He was at home. And there was that other boy, Benny, from the other class who was with us on our class trip in June. After this one night at the beach where there had been just the four of us –her, Benny, Stefan and me – he really liked her.
His long-time girlfriend was past and he flirted with my friend, showed her that he liked her.
And so she had a problem. Her boyfriend, ringing her every day, becoming jealous and so she had to with a jealous boyfriend at home, this really nice Benny and her own feelings about all that.
She had always been a person who didn’t open up easily, but we became very close friends the last year and so I knew we would have this talk and it would be honest. For the both of us.
I felt awful and I had to tell her and I would have to tell her, I knew, and I could just hope that she’d understand.
It was Thursday night, our last night there, and we were sitting in our room with some friends, just hanging around till we would go out to the beach. The TV was turned on, showing that local channel with the really funny song they made up for the holiday park we were staying at. We listened to it again and again because we wanted to copy it to sing it at our school-leaving party. It was kind of annoying.
I started to write her something on a paper and we just passed it to each other, then we went outside. We sad on the balcony, on the concrete ground which was covered with a grass-green carpet, it was still cool though. But we didn’t care. It was one of those situations when you don’t care if you’re warm enough or if you’re comfy. We just needed to talk. Alone.
So she told me that she thought she might like Benny. This didn’t make things easier, not for her, not for me.
We both knew that she’d go away in two months, we both knew how sensible her boyfriend was, how happy he was finally to be with her and that he would never cheat on her. We both knew that this was (just a class trip,) just one of those opportunities in life you can take or you can let them go.
Then I knew it was time to tell her. And she said it was okay. She said it didn’t matter to her and she didn’t react the way I was afraid she would.
So we ended up talking about us. And maybe that was the thing that lay behind all this Benny-thing. Because it was the two of us, still friends, better friends than before. We knew that we could tell each other everything. And whatever happened with any boyfriend, it wouldn’t affect our friendship.
This conversation wasn’t one of those: ”oh, I think I like him, isn’t that great!”-Ones. But it was one of those you never forget.
And when we said goodbye, she wrote me something on a piece of paper that meant so much to me and that still reminds me of that night: Auf all unsere Geheimnisse!

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