Magic Moments (Drabble)


The therapist eyed his patient anxiously.
"When did this ... effect ... start happening?"
The answer took a moment to come out.
"About 3 months ago. At first I couldn't explain it, even to myself.
Later I decided to call it *Magic Moments*."

"Well. Are there any sensations foreboding it?"
"Pins and needles, then some twitching ..."
Stealthily the man scratched his hand.

"And you never know, what's going to happen?"
The patient's left eye blinked.

"What are you doing ag ..."
The man's hand shot ceilingwards, snipping the fingers.

A little *poof* sounded.
And the therapist was gone.


Hi Hans,

this happens, because the counting for drabbles also takes into account the "..." figures (which the editor/textprocessor doesn't count).
Including them you get 100 words.
I have been writing drabbles for some time at (a site that unfortunately doesn't exist anymore). There was a special script to count "drabble" words - which is why I got accustomed to the special rule.

That's what I believe to know - if anyone knows better, please say so, I will add 4 words, then ;o)



Oben Unten