Mr. Doing-it-good (- the mini story about life)


As Mr. Doing-it-good went along the road, he became a little bit confused, by a monkey, crossing that road, while facing him with some nasty words: „Yo, Maaaaan. What a son of a dirty trash-can are you, walking along my street, eh?“
„Huh, a talking monkey“, Mr. Doing-it-good said. „Did you say, your street?“
„Yea, are you kinda stupid, or what? This is my road. So, piss off, or I’ll kick your dirty, whitey, phoney butt off my street.“
Mr. Doing-it-good thought about that a little while. The monkey was getting slightly angry, but before he could say anything more, Doing-it-good draw a big, empty bag and put the monkey in it. „Now, I shall take you to a safe place“, he said.
While Mr. Doing-it-good brought the bag with the monkey in it to the pet zoo, he heard a lot of bad words out of the bag, the whole time.
But as Mr. Doing-it-good and his talking bag reached the entrance of the zoo, he got a much better idea to do, than taking the monkey there.
Late in the evening, Mr. Doing-it-good entered another entrance to something.
And as he came out, without the monkey-bag, he was counting some nice, green notes of money.

The monkey in the bag was sold as a real „Bad-talking-bag“ to the circus, by Mr. Doing-it-good and made career as the attraction of the local circus „Fintellini“.
Mr. Doing-it-good spond his earned money on a big bottle of „Ole Bourbon Whiskey“ and banged up his brain with it, that night.

What a happy ending.


Ja, so kann's gehen, wenn man versucht sich mit stärkeren anzulegen.

Da hat Mr. Doing-it-good wenigstens noch etwas Profit aus dieser Begegnung schlagen können; und wenn man das Geschehen aus seiner Perspektive betrachtet, hat er es wirklich gut gemacht (Nomen est Omen). Er hat sich von dem Affen entledigt und gleichzeitig noch seinen Reibach gemacht.

Eine lustige kleine Geschichte.

Liebe Grüße,


Oben Unten