North and South


The old one strolled across the pathless countryside, a friendly breeze blowing kindly towards him.
When he left the the valley, he saw the other guy.
"Hey, there! Where ya goin'?", he shouted.
The stranger stopped and looked quite surprised.
"Who're you, old man?", he growled.
"No need fa grump'ness. Ya seem ta be noo aroun' here. Where ya frum?"
"None of your business."
"Wanna walk tagether f'a bit?"

The newcomer seemed to be much younger than the guy who had just left the deep valley. He nodded and then they matched their speeds.

For a while they wandered in silence, climbed the hill, which ascended smoothly towards the big dip. The youngster had become restless. It was obvious, that he needed to find a good drink. Unknowingly they started quickening their pace, strolled down the leeward slope and entered the first branches of the thicket.
The youngster sighed, sat down in the shadow of a Longrod and immediately started drinking. The older one felt uneasy. Something was about to happen. Hopefully not the deadly stuff again...

"So", the older one started haphazardly, "where ya frum, 'nyway?"
"South Carolina, they call it. Not far away. I am on my way home. And you?"
"Funny, me bein' frum Nuth C'roleena. Jus' came along the mountin. Wan'ed ta see, whazza down 'ere."
Again the younger one nodded and sank back comfortably, leaning against the Longrod.

Suddenly an abrupt change befell the peaceful scene.
Way up in the sky a huge something moved, casting a dreadful shadow upon the two resting wanderers. The young buddy seemed undisturbed, but the older one had experience crying "danger" throughout his head.

"RUN!", he shouted, took one breathtakingly huge jump and disappeared.

The remaining youngster looked dazedly and - most of all - blankly up into the grey sky. Some kind of white stuff poured down, covered the entire landscape.
"Snow?", he mumbled.
And then he died.


"Gotcha!", exulted Carolina, when she had put away the can with the powder.
She picked up the dead flea and dumped it in the trash can.

Oben Unten