Pocket Elephant — Elephantus pokensis


Pocket ElephantElephantus pokensis

„In hidden nooks, where mysteries entwine,
A pocket elephant creature in divine.
Wrapped thrice in cloths, but delicate and fine,
A creature veiled in an unearthly shine.

His nose trumpets the strangest melody,
a hunger game, yet he would not comply.
Some Russian bread, his tasteful small repast
in pocket snug, a meal that will not last.

A bowl of porridge is what he will keep,
Beside a gaiter, where the secrets seep.
A raw egg baken, delicate and mild,
A pocket elephant, in his own life beguiled.

He dared embark on a peculiar feat,
Hatching an egg, with hope to catch its sweet.
Twenty-eight days, where in the nature’s plan,
Dagobert did emerge and left the golden ban.

In hidden nooks, where mysteries entwine,
A pocket elephant, enchanting fine.
Wrapped thrice in cloths, a secret to impart,
A marvel hidden, close to his own heart.“

Oben Unten