Taster, that's my name

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Klaus K.

Taster, that's my name

You want to eat something, Mr.President?
Not that easy, isn't it?
All kind of danger, anytime, anywhere.
That's your life.

Trust me, I am an experienced taster.
Survived many heroes like you.
I do know your eyes follow my throat.
Yes, I do swallow everything for you.

You don't care about me, I know.
My life does not matter for you at all.
But there is one thing you don't know.
The very moment I turn my back on you
I vomit.


Well ...
this seems to be a poem of sorts.
Shouldn't it be placed in the "Fremdsprachiges und MundART (lyric)" subboard, then?
Just asking. ;o)

Best regards,

Klaus K.


.....maybe, anyhow you are one of the best "Vorkoster" I've ever met! Thanks and "see you", Klaus

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