The Green Eye of Jealousy

The Green Eye of Jealousy

As a joke, indeed, it had started. And all because of the green eye of jealousy. The "green eye of jealousy" was Lüly’s toenail; and Bonbon, Lüly’s boyfriend, had invented this name as a joke. Bonbon had fallen in love with the green eye of jealousy and he had also fallen in love with Lüly’s green handy, her green vanity bag, and the green cigarettes. "Lüly has her style." said Bonbon. The Lüly style easily invaded its territory and it remained sticking to it even when her producer had sneaked away. For many hours an office-room left by Lüly was still occupied by a certain greenish aura which handy and vanity bag had misplaced there.

It happened during a weekend outing in Alishan. Lüly’s tiny feet were wearing the wrong shoes, they had never before experimented with hiking, and the green eye of jealousy abandoned its toe. It certainly would have looked all black, had it not been so green. "Give me the green eye of jealousy." said Bonbon. Lüly loved the idea of distributing herself. "But you will have to reciprocate." she said and her sharp fingers pinched Bonbon’s arm. Then Bonbon promised it.

From this day on the green eye of jealousy decorated Bonbon’s office wall and stared jealously at Bonbon. And Lüly grew another green nail.

From this day on Bonbon did not show up again. Maybe he amused himself with the green eye of jealousy and had no need for a Lüly without nail. By e-mail he pleaded severe appendicitis but Lüly did not believe a single word.

"He is dumping me." Lüly thought angrily. But one day he appeared in her office with a present under his arm and much happiness in his eyes. Lüly could not even throw a green tantrum against Bonbon’s emaciated body and his halo of bliss. "I have reciprocated." said Bonbon. "But now it is your turn!" Bonbon planted a wet kiss onto Lüly’s greenish lips and disappeared.

Lüly shuddered and her perfume fluttered greenishly through the office air. With trembling fingers did she unwrap the present. And after she had unwrapped it, her eyes filled with tears. A strange earthworm floated through clear solution in a glass jar. This was Bonbon’s appendix.

"How could I…" thought Lüly remorsefully. She named the appendix Harry and positioned him right next to her computer. Harry seemed to like the ambience of Lüly’s office and he swayed his head like a cobra whenever Lüly moved her mouse.

Lüly became infatuated with Harry. Was Harry her new boyfriend? Poor Bonbon did not hear from her for a long time. Finally he lost his patience. He called her green handy and talked to Lüly. But it was only Bonbon who talked. Lüly appeared strangely silent and just said "hmm, hmm," and again "hmm…" "I should call you Olympia." said Bonbon. "Hmm." said Lüly. "Are you hypnotized by Harry?" "Hmm." said Olympia. And Bonbon shuddered.

Just half an hour after this conversation a nurse appeared at the Bonbon office. However she was not a nurse but Lüly personally. She was wearing a surgical mask and a white medical coat and acted like a blissful sister of charity. For a long time she held Bonbon’s hand and for a long time she looked deep into Bonbon’s eyes. And she did not utter a single word. How could she? She was wearing a surgical mask and she had not removed this. Finally she took something out of her coat pocket and placed it gently into Bonbon’s hands. Then she pressed her fingers against his eyelids and disappeared.

For a long time Bonbon stood in his office with stretched hands. And he did not dare to open his eyes. When he finally opened them, he had to scream. On his hands lay Lüly’s tongue. Bonbon tore asunder his hands. The tongue twitched on the marble floor and rolled under the leather sofa. Bonbon had not been prepared for this. "An appendix is an appendix." he thought. "One could live quite well without one. But a tongue…?" And was it really Lüly’s tongue? Maybe it was a bluff?

"A little Internet surf will make me forget the matter." Bonbon thought. But behold! He had mail from Lüly. "Bonbon," Lüly wrote, "you will have to reciprocate!" "Oh no…, I do not think I will reciprocate any longer…" Bonbon mumbled unconsciously. But then it began to whisper from under the sofa: "Bonbon," it whispered with reptile voice, "Bonbon, Bonbon, Bonbon. You will have to reciprocate!" And the green eye of jealousy threw a rather malicious glimmer at Bonbon.

For a long time Lüly had no news of Bonbon. But yesterday he appeared unexpectedly in her office. He was one head shorter than usual.


Darf ich sagen, dass mir deine Geschichte sehr gut gefællt?

Ich habe zwar am Anfang nicht wirklich gewusst, ob ich nach den ersten Zeilen weiterlesen soll, weil ich solche Phrasen, wie "And all because of..." eigentlich nicht mag und vor allem, weil mir das Ganze recht vorraussehbar erschien - doch im Endeffekt bin ich froh, dass ich weitergelesen habe, denn trotz der Dinge, die ich genannt habe, finde ich die Idee an sich einfach nur gut - richtig gut.
Ich mag es, wenn jemand originelle Ideen hat...


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