The Tender Monster of Loch Ness

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The Tender Monster of Loch Ness

There lived a monster in Loch Ness
that had a lot of tenderness.
It mended cleverly its dress
and never missed a Sunday Mass.

One day the monster met a miss,
a lovely lady—she was Swiss.
Delighted and in sweetest bliss
the monster asked her for a kiss.

"No kiss would surely be a loss.
But wait…, I have to ask my boss."
"Sweet girl", said Nessie, "don’t be cross
and throw my love into the dross!"

The lady cried "Oh, what a fuss!
This love is surely not for us.
Farewell, sweet couz, here comes my bus."
And the relation ended thus.

Heidrun D.

Ja, das ist wirklich gelungen, witzig-nett, mit einem Anklang von Melancholie ...

Liebe Grüße
Heidrun D.


Der celtic Charm läßt so manche Urlaubsliebelei entstehen ;-)
Ich störe mich nur ein wenig an dem Reim mit der "mass", aber daran ist wohl eher mein Akzent schuld. Very nice indeed.


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