The tree


When I moved in here, I didn't know I would die here. No, it's not particularly joyful, but it is what it is, I guess. They told me I could take one thing with me. The tree, I said. No, you can't have the tree. They seemed a bit perplexed. It had to be a thing from the flat.
I only have moved here one week ago. Not many things in this flat meant something to me. I didn't bring my own belongings.
The tree, I begged.
Look, they said in an impatient tone. The tree is not in your flat. We don't have the jurisdiction.
I badly wanted the tree. I grew attached to it. Also, it was in blossom.
I'm not going! I said. The tree or nothing. Fix your jurisdiction with whoever's in charge.
They now became really perplexed. What do you mean you're not going. You can't! You don't want to just hang around here without a body, right? Hey, they tried in a seductive tone, many people like to take their coffee mug? A good book for the road! Or the mobile phone?..
Uff, that's just nonsense, I rebuffed. That's the last and only thing I'm going to take with me from this life. My stuff has not arrived yet. And you want me to go with some weird shared flat coffee mug or a phone I surely do not need no more?
They sighed. I looked at the tree.
You like the blossoms? They asked.
They helplessly looked at their immaterial bodies.
Ok. They said. Here's how ghost stories originate. Is one branch enough?
With flowers! I said.
Big one, I said.

A nice old lady was walking down the street as a weird, grey shape of a person appeared before her.
- Dear lady, it said, could you please break a branch from this tree for me? I have no hands, you see.

Clearly, she didn't die of a heart attack. It wasn't her time to go yet. She didn't even blink an eye.
- Of course, darling, she said.
She stepped onto the grass, reached out and grabbed a branch. It gave in very easily. She handed it to the undulating shade.
- Oh, thank you so much! You saved my day! - the shade said, dissolving in the air.
The lady smiled.
- What a polite ghost.

I was watching from the window. They handed me the branch.
They sighed, but now with relief.
Alright. Let's go.

And we went.

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