Thirteen Reasons Why

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Thirteen Reasons Why, is a series about a girl that had been bullied to death in high school. But not only it’s about this one girl.
Mainly, it’s about the way her suicide affect the other people around her, and what they go trough, and what other things happen all around everybody, which nobody sees or want to talk about.
This series has a lot themes to discuss and most of the subjects need to be shown this rare way, even there’s lots of horrible traumatic scenes.
Some of the main topics about a lot of different characters this show are suicide, suicide attempts, rape, bullying, cyber-bullying, homelessness, homophobia, drugs, drug addiction, alcohol, sex, and a lot of physical violence but even more emotional violence.
It’s alot. And the stories need more attention because not everybody, for example people that think they haven’t had a traumatic encounter, knows how often these happens, and surely knows someone that went through any of these, and probably went through some on their own, without realizing it.
Because we’re living in community were rape and bullying is a daily thing.
Mostly the parents doesn’t know anything about how hard it is for some teens that get cyber bullied. They think, it’s just a normal thing that teens do. They think it’s not that bad as normal bullying in school. But they don’t realize, and it’s even worse.
Being bullied in school, stops in the moment the last bell rings and you go home. Cyber-bullying don’t.
It goes far from that.
Rape is a topic no victim wants to talk about because either they’re ashamed of it, or they don’t think that they are real victims. But let me question you, how do you define a “real victim” ? It’s impossible because every victim is a real victim.
They often think, that the rape they went through, is not worth calling it “rape”. That’s because we know rape in the horrible way we read it in the news. Like, a stranger attacked a women on the streets and even murdered her afterwards, or something. But let me tell you it’s not always like that. And it’s still horrible.
Just because it wasn’t as bad and horrible as it was in someone else’s case, don’t make your case less horrible. Every case is bad in it’s own way. It’s not a fucking competition. Every victim will realize that in any point in its life. Maybe through a series, that talks so rare and real about this topics. And shows a lot of different rapes. They think, they aren’t the perfect victim, but someday they will understand, that no one is a perfect victim. It’s all just victims and every case should be talked.
Especially for teenager being bullied or having problems in whatever themes, it’s even harder because when your young
you have so much going on in your head and so little ability to share it with anybody. It’s hard to talk about without knowing how to put it into the right words. So we rather don’t talk about at all.
It’s not because they don’t want to share it or talk about it, it’s because they don’t know what to say. Sometimes when we would want help, we simultaneously Push it away rather than opening up to someone. They think: “what am I going to say? What will they think? Will I feel even worse after talking to someone?” No. You won’t. Because in the minute you start to talk about it, it will take the fear out of it. It will be getting better.
This series also shows how hard suicide is to watch and how even harder it would be to do. And after Hannah’s deathscene, her character starts to effect every other character. She wrote 13 letters and speak into 13 cassettes for 13 people that she thought they brought her to kill herself. But no one really did. She only did it herself. The others, just killed little peaces of her, till she wasn’t alive anymore.
As Hannah said, they are two types of dying in theory. Either you have luck and die a quick way, or you don’t have that much luck and die in little peaces, until you’re gone.
As they others hear the cassettes, Hannah appears only in their minds and as an emotional ghost in the second session. I personally think, that Hannah wouldn’t kill herself if she watched the second session on her own.
Because she would have realised that suicide is not an option, it’s a permanent solution for a temporary problem. So it’s not wise at all, not even for someone as smart as Hannah.

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