Turn the Page

Klaus K.

Turn the Page

On a long and lonesome highway
east of MadMania
you can listen to the engine
moaning out its one note song
you can think about the story
the garbage you heard the night before

Got it? That's from Bob Seger, with some modifications.
Yes, the lyrics go on, but not here. It is a borrowed introduction about an issue we all withstand, or not? Dare you! Talking about those so called "news highlights", do you feel well informed? About everything? Lucky man (or woman)!
You got all the current relevant facts about all you need to know?
I do repeat: "all"? Yes? Then I envy you.
But, mind you, do you really trust this bunch of overrated goblins, that waft through your TV-screen, from left to right, from right to left? Talking about the latest news,thereby more or less often just exchanging different performers, who tell the same stuff just in different words. They tell the truth? Experts, oh. Mister and Misses "Know Everything"? What if they tell us just one single aspect of what is true?
They are still experts? And you are still a strong believer? Really?

Later in the evening, as you lie awake in bed
the sound of their voices still ringing in your head
You sip at a glas of water
remembering what they said?

"Turn the page", slightly modified again. Now you feel you don't get all the information you deserve? There is a kind of bad taste in your mind but you can't locate where it derives from?
A really bad taste. A not satisfying taste? Those so called "intellectuals", sitting there, talking, trying to convince you that their opinion ist the only one to pay attention to. They are responsible for it, too. Responsible for the mess. But you do not need their mostly ridiculous output to make up your own mind, mind you!
Anyhow, we all are victims of policy. And we always depend on crystal clear explanations and not pure conjectures from professional jugglers. For us there is no way to change anything, as we are squeezed into a loop of so called circumstances. We are not guilty for anything that happens around us. It is man-made disaster, and we citizens are just spectators. And nobody is qualified to blame us for that. No Guru, no Country, no Media.

What to do next? Just turn the page. Otherwise there is no way of escape. We all are caught in the crossfire of global madness.
Turn the page. And - sorry - I assume you have not heard this song yet?
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