Winter Love...


W What about you?
I Inside your mind
N not different as well
T take your time (with)
E endless thoughts (about)
R reflective moments (of your life)

(you are)

L leaving home (to be)
O on your way (for)
V vanish in your head (to find)
E electronic vibes!

: (Dancing through)

T total explosion (feels like a)
H head bomb
E endless vibes (to fulfill)

(this nostalgia)

B Beneath the stars (you will)
E enter a new life (with)
S sentimental kisses (and hugs)
T to feel safe

(for the rest of your life!)


Hallo Löwengeist,

ist mir auch schon passiert, habe es aber dann doch noch bemerkt. Das "Internationale" ist scheinbar dazu prädestiniert.

Beste Grüße,

Oben Unten